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Corvids: The Avian Equivalent of Primates

Ravens (Corvus corax), and corvids in general, are renowned for their repertoire of ‘intelligent’ behaviour, including tool use and complex sociality. Research published online today describes a previously unknown facet of raven behaviour. The use of referential gestures, such as holding … Continue reading

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Snake Bite Produces Pain

In a paper published in last week’s Nature, researchers have identified a toxin in the venom of the Texan coral snake (Micrurus tener tener) that directly induces pain in bite victims. The toxin, known as MitTx, has been observed to activate … Continue reading

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Curiosity Lifts Off!! (Pun Intended)

As this is my first post I’ll keep it short, but what better time to start blogging my thoughts on the latest activity in science than today? Unless you’ve been hiding under a Martian rock, in which case you will … Continue reading

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